Loan/High Yield vs M&A

At most banks does Loan & High Yield Markets fall under their LevFin Group or Capital Markets?

Would there be any reason to join the High Yield group instead of M&A (at RBS or Wells Fargo)? I heard RBS is fairly established within debt origination but their M&A is well behind the curve. Thoughts?

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Jun 6, 2010

LevFin is somewhat connected to DCM at many shops. By enlarge though, LevFin is much more complex and transactional that DCM and that's why it's a strong group with good exit opps. As for LevFin or M&A at those banks, I'd say people need to base their preference on their interests rather than always trying to systematically strategize every damn move, such as group placement.

Jun 6, 2010

By AND large though, LevFin is...

This one's free but the next is gonna cost you.... big time!

Jun 6, 2010