Local/Small MM Bank Internships for Sophomore Year (Summer/Fall)

Anyone have any suggestions on local boutique or small MM banks to reach out to for an internship. I know it is pretty late to pursue one for this summer but am hoping to pull some strings and see how it goes. I am a rising junior and looking for a summer or fall internship at a smaller bank.  Would love any suggestions or advice for this whole process

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Jun 8, 2021 - 4:37pm

Wouldn't "local" depend on where you are? If so not sure how one could help considering we don't know the specific location you are at or want.

However, if your school has Handshake or any other job board, you should still see roles being posted especially local ones or ones looking to fill quota. Up until last month I still see firms recruiting and I now see Fall postings as well (for reference I'm at a nontarget/semi, what you see might differ based on where your school stands). Also try reaching out to alums and professors to see if they can give suggestions or referrals considering they have such industry connections. I also see kids from investment clubs and business frats get local summer roles through their organizations so if you are in one or have a buddy in one maybe ask them. Good luck!

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