Location vs. Group within IB same company?

Hey guys - hoping to hear your thoughts on this. I was wondering what your thoughts on IB in NY versus IB in Atlanta. Say you got an offer with a firm and you were deciding between two different groups within IB, one that was in Atlanta versus one that was in NYC at the same company- how much does this matter for long term career growth? And if the Atlanta group is a coverage area you are more interested in and has a better rep with the firm-and that is where main/biggest office is and hosts a lot of senior bankers etc. (Is it better to be in Atlanta because you get exposure to more members of the firm) I like NYC and know a lot say it is best for IB/finance-but I just wanted to know how much it really matters. Ultimately though, I definitely want to end up in NYC/grow a career there etc... Appreciate any thoughts.

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Jan 20, 2018