London IB recruiting Dutch student: seeking advice on 'London Banking Tour'

Hello everyone!

I am a Dutch student who will be participating in the London Banking Tour in September. For those who don't know, during the LBT 26 Dutch students get to know about 11 investment banks (including JPM, MS, DB, GS, CITI, BAML) and learn about what they do. In the past 20 years, 90% of the participating students has been offered an internship or job thanks to the LBT. It is therefore a special opportunity to break through in London as an investment banker having a Dutch background.

I was wondering if there are any (Dutch) investment bankers on WSO who might be able to tell me more about what kind of cases I can expect during the LBT. Also non-Dutch investment bankers might be able to share their group case experiences they have experienced at investment banks (Bond Trading game, IPO or M&A simulation etc). 

Thanks in advance for the answers!

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Aug 21, 2021 - 11:14am

Hey champ, 

I got some experience with this, didn't participate in the LBT, but another tour and am currently working in LDN.

You should definitely ask these questions to former participants of LBT, the tour organisers, and think about your in-house day and workshop experiences.
LBT is very much geared toward M&A and capital markets, but I have heard of people getting an offer for Markets, too. 

In terms of cases you can expect group projects:
* Make an IPO deck with some simple modelling and presenting it + negotiation vs another team of participants. 

* Fill in an LBO excel sheet while having specific interview rounds with role-playing employees + presenting and negotiation.

* An unrelated to M&A case such as risk management and then still presenting for employees of the bank. 

If it's like a PE taking over a company, a good thing to try to negotiate is conditional management compensation related to the deal value. 

They are looking at how capable you are, can you work together, can you work with information overload, are you quick on your feet, can you discuss/negotiate with other teams.

If you're in London, also have a good time with the other participants and party a lot, you can do these cases slightly hungover. Because most of the participants will also work in these banks in a few years :)

lmk,if you have more questions.

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Sep 15, 2021 - 7:33pm

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