London - Private Banking, Family Offices

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The goal of the post is to reach out to professionals in London regarding getting INTO private banking / family office space.

A person in question looks for a position within the target space and is basically seeking advice regarding two aspects: the firms and how to apply.

Education - double 2:1 major from continental Europe with MAs in Business (university) and advanced MAs in corporate finance (business school)
Work experience - internship at mid-market PE, currently FT employed (c. 1.5 years) at one of the largest Fintech firms as Associate Business Analyst
Personal background - Russian nationality (useful within the targeted space?)

The firms - basically the names of the firms (aside from the BB banks) which are in 'hiring mode' for the FT roles or might be relevant in this search
Application - what would be the best way to apply? (e.g. reach out to headhunters, cold e-mails, etc.)

Insightful feedback would be greatly appreciated ;)

P.S. not sure if other personal characteristics like 'attractiveness' matter in this space? As many of the private bankers tend to be extremely 'presentable'