Long Only Comp

Going to be fairly broad, but what could comp progression look like at a shop like this:

Subsidiary of large asset manager/insurance company: Total Subsidiary AUM $10-50B, equity long-only strategy, Location in a Tier 2/3 city

~10 investment headcount, ~5 support/product staff

I have 3 years SS ER experience post MFin

Any idea what comp (base + bonus) would look like year 1, year 5, year 10?

Edit: And to get an idea of Rev flow, say 1% fee on AUM, what % would flow down to the investment team/PMs

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Jul 13, 2021 - 3:56pm

Just to start things off I would think comp at junior levels may be similiar to other LO AM. I think other thread(s) here may have said average comp for first few years is 100k base and like 50% bonus. Then like year 5 or so is 250 and 100%. PM can be in the millions but that may be more of a function of top line revenue for the firm which may be AUM times like 50-100bps

  • Research Analyst in HF - EquityHedge
Jul 18, 2021 - 4:36pm

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