Long-term Importance of Bullpen?

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For those of you who have been in the financial services world for 6+ years and started out in investment banking, I was wondering how important your analyst "bullpen" has been in terms of having a network to rely upon. 

The reason I ask is that I am considering PE Analyst roles, and I know this comes with a lot smaller of an analyst class.

Would appreciate perspective from both boutique and bulge bankers. How important is the network you gain from the bullpen? How would you way this against out-of-college roles that don't provide that initial network?

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Apr 6, 2021 - 3:20pm

I am a second year leaving this summer for a buyside role, so don't have the years of experiential wisdom that you are looking for, but for what it is worth the other 5 analysts in my class are by far my closest professional allies and we will definitely stay in touch for years to come and I expect that network to be very prosperous as we all have done a good job and have bright careers ahead, I think. The analyst class directly below and directly above me is similar from the standpoint of the mentor/mentee relationship. I don't know if it's valuable enough to sway your decision on which path to go down, but frankly I do believe that the people you spend your trench years with ultimately become close allies for years to come just by virtue of a shared miserable experience

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