Looking for Exit Opportunities....

I recently landed an IB gig at a prestigious desk, thanks in part to clever GPA rounding techniques that I learned on WSO. It has been several weeks now, so naturally I'm looking for exit opportunities.

Most analysts/associates tell me that the best exit is the same way I entered. However, since I've been working 180+ hours a week I haven't had an opportunity to leave the office and am not sure where the exit is. I've heard that some analysts exit through their window, which I find strange because we're on the 37th floor.... is this a good idea?

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks guys!

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Mar 4, 2011 - 12:30am

You can't follow them, it's too obvious. I've broken this down in an easy-to-follow set of directions:

1) Knock delivery person on the head with your computer (preferably in private area)
2) Drag to women's bathroom (if not already there)
3) Knock shocked female MD on head with your computer
4) Trade clothes with delivery person
5) Use woman's makeup to cover up near-Vampire colored skin
6) Suck blood of female MD for nutritional value
7) Exit through front door
8) Have life.

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