Looking for intern suitemates NYC summer

Now that most juniors including myself have finance summer jobs lined up, it's time to start finding affordable summer housing. Being a lowly summer analyst, I'm trying to save some cash and the hassles of furnishing my own apartment just for the summer by going through a summer intern weekly furnished program. Growing up in Boston and going to college in the midwest means I don't know anyone who will also be working in NYC this summer. I'm looking for 1-3 other juniors who are also working finance summer internships to live with who have the same work-hard play-hard mentality as me. Here's what I'm considering:

NYU air-conditioned suites, single bedrooms, 2-4 people per suite- http://www.nyu.edu/summer/housing/overview_rates.htm ($368/wk)

I'd be doing May 27th - Aug 11th (week 2-12) for a total of 11 weeks. Anyone else going on board would need to sign up for identical dates. Ideally I'd want to live in one of the buildings near the East Village since I'm working on Park Ave South but I'd be open to any of them if the commute is ok.

Applications go online by the end of the month and it's first come first serve.

All of the other programs I could find such as SVA and FIT end August 4th or 6th, which is a week earlier than my end date.

PM me if you're interested with your details.

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United States - Northeast

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Feb 20, 2012