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I have been applying to numerous internships under wealth management, investment banking, private equity, etc. However, I have not been getting many callbacks once submitting my resume. Currently a sophomore at a nontarget.

Bryan Herlihy
Permanent Address: College Address:
15 Rivendell Dr. (203) 400-3739 1150 Douglas Pike
Shelton, CT 06484 [email protected] Smithfield, RI 02917

Bryant University, Smithfield, RI
September 2018 - Current
Bachelor of Science in Finance
Minor: Applied Analytics

Programs and Platforms: Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Power BI, Bloomberg
Business: Money Management, Due Diligent, Analytical, Leadership, Comparable Analysis

Advanced Carpet Cleaning, Monroe, CT June 2016 – August 2019
Technician for my father’s company
• Carpet and upholstery cleaning
• Upsell focused to increase revenue
• Managed cash payments
• Provide exceptional customer service
• Real-time problem solving to ensure desired result
• Trained and mentored new part-time employees
• Assisted in maintaining books, invoicing and supply ordering

Westport Capital Markets, Westport, CT August 2017
Capstone Project Internship
• Worked with Partners in reviewing client portfolios and offered suggestions
• Researched assigned stocks and presented to Partners with commentary
• Participated in meetings
• Learned the operations of a small firm


• Participate in team practice and games 5x week, travel to games
• Operate team’s social media
MIT Launch Club
• Lead a group of students in identifying a business need and executing plan
• Facilitate meetings and outings
• Treasurer for junior and senior year of high school
• Qualified for state championship junior and senior year in corporate finance
Finance Association
• Walk Down Wallstreet – Attended seminar at Goldman Sach’s and FED Reserve

AWARDS and Certifications

Bryant IDEA program
• 3-Day student program with a focus on creating an innovative marketing strategy to attract millennials to bowling alleys.
• 10-Hour online Wealth Management course
MIT Launch Club
• Regional conference to present company and provide elevator pitch
Bloomberg Market Concepts
• Self-paced e-course to understand financial markets through economic indicators, currencies, fixed income, equities

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Jan 14, 2020 - 3:54pm

I'm still in undergrad, so I may not be the best person to advise. In my school, they drill resume building into me, so I want to comment on a few things.

Content: your bullet points lack substance and seem to vaguely summarize the experience. For instance, "upsell focused to increase revenue" doesn't indicate the specific tactics used to upsell, the revenue dollar amount or the percentage increase during your internship. This seems to be a consistent problem throughout the resume where you have some great internships, like your experience at the Capstone Project Internship. You could expand on the specific operations and your responsibilities. For instance, with the first example, you may want to restructure it as: Marketed carpet cleaning services to xx customers yielding $xxx in revenue through persuasive verbal communication skills. You could revise the structure/phrasing, but this shows a tangible result and a specific skillset used.

In terms of the breakdown of the Professional Work Experience to Other Experience, I would advise including 3-5 bullet points for each, with the focus on the Work Experience. It's better to concisely speak on three experiences than to name five without much detail to build on. I would also remove experience prior to university. You should keep your resume with extra-curricular activity of the most recent two years. Other clubs or prior involvements can be collapsed into achievements or mentioned in the interview.

Format: I would personally remove your physical address, it adds no value to your application and extends your subheading unnecessarily. The only essentials I would add are your program focus, your phone number and email. For the Education Section, employers care more about what your expected graduation is. Also stating "Bachelor of Science in Finance" indicates you have received the Bachelor. The proper statement should be: Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Finance. My personal preference is to not include the minor on the resume, you can if you would like to, but it takes out a bit of space. You also don't have your Cumulative GPA, the general rule of thumb I've read up on is if it's 3.5/4.0 or greater, include it. For a finance-based resume mold, check out the template from mergersandinquisitions. It offers a great starting point. I would honestly condense your skills and add them to the end with your Awards and Certificates.

Standard Disclaimer: the above feedback is from my own personal experiences, you are free to add to this or disagree with my perspectives.

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