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I'm currently looking for a new job due to internal changes at my company that are related to politics which could affect my career progression. I was envisioning staying at my current company until possibly a VP promote but thing have changed. I feel like my career trajectory at my current company will be slowed due to these changes as ownership of my work will now shift to other groups, and I am seeking advice in the search for my next role. 

There has recently been a reorganization at my company - no terminations - but my team, corporate strategy and development,  now reports to the CFO where as before it was reporting into the COO. You'd think that this reorg gave more power to the CFO - wrong.  The problem is that this guy is spineless and other organizations outside of the CFO org are starting to have more influence over our work particularly on the strategy side. Recently, we've proposed three different strategic alternatives that my group head is aligned with but this dolt somehow let other teams outside of the CFO org take ownership of even the discovery process of our work, and now I am in between telling these other groups to fuck off and saying something contradictory to the CFO or accept essentially what are opinion's of managers outside of my group. 

I'm starting to look for new jobs now but would love to to hear how to best understand power structures at company regardless of what job function I pursue next - not set on just corporate strategy. Any thoughts on my current job and evaluation points for the next role would be appreciated. 

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