Looking for Semi-Senior Banker mentorship as part time CFO (Singapore)

Dear MODs,

I'm not sure where's the best place to post this--but though VC is the most appropriate section.

Dear WSO community--I am currently running a recycling company (cleantech/greentech) recovering plastic wastes into a usable raw material. It has come to a point that--my business is viable for Angel Investment/VC Investment. I have had interests from 1-2 VCs and several Angel Investors (~5) to give pitches.

Up until this point, my business has netted enough income to survive(and is profitable), but in order to to scale, would need to raise further capital.

I have to be honest, I am not a finance professional, nor am I a banker. It has come to the point where I am reluctant to spend much invested time to create, compile presentations, and figure all the financing options available for my business operation.

It has come to the point I have more people to make pitches, but I don't have the time/energy to do so. I would rather focus my time on building my business, and increasing the 'tons/month' I process and sell.

Hence, I am looking for seasoned finance professionals. (Preferably based in Singapore.) You may be working in a big company, a major investment bank, or an associate at a hedgefund. You may want to get your hands dirty, feet wet, at a startup, without the commitment of quitting your job.

I am basically looking for a finance professional who knows what banks, VCs, Angel Investors want to see, and like to hear, and taking my business to present to them. Also maybe managing the high level finance questions to run the business.

I am looking for a part time CFO.

(Some questions and options I've been thrown at:
- can do factor financing <???
- can use customers' back to back L/C to finance my transactions without much capital since the buyers are already very keen on my product < really?
- can raise some equity funding, then do debt convertibles <hm...?
- can go to a bank and give them a proposal, and show them that I've made profits thus far for trade finance funding <huh?

My background is in Industrial Engineering--hence I'm not too great with financial models and ways to finance a growing business. I CAN work with numbers, and make crazy excel analysis, but I'd like to think like a banker to talk to a banker.

I have been very impressed by this WSO community, and think of you guys as the elite community of all the ones I've seen online.

I hope I can find the right person and mentor for this.