Looking for sophomore transfer options

I am currently an freshman at IU Kelley and after considering my experience in my first semester have decided that I am going to apply to transfer. Relevant stats would be a college GPA of 3.8(Micro, Calc, Accounting, etc, so not an "easy" schedule 15+ credits). Act: 34 HS GPA: N/A went to a well regarded private high school that doesn't do gpa, mix of As/Bs with strong upward trend of grades and difficulty, junior/senior year pretty much all As. Very solid ECs in high school and involved in 2 clubs at IU, will not have any leadership by spring. Prof rec should be very good. Some schools request a midterm report and I think mine should be at current GPA or most likely above as I have a easier schedule.

Currently I'm looking into UNC, UVA, Georgetown, Emory, BC, BU, WashU, and Villanova. I have decided not to look at Cornell based off of several friends experiences, and I don't want to go to UMich due to similarities I dislike at IU. Although I'm not dead set I would ideally like my school to have good recruitment for IB in NYC. Any thoughts on the current list/suggestions for where else I might consider? Thanks.

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Dec 22, 2017 - 1:06am

greenflamingo, bummer your thread hasn't had a response yet. Maybe one of these threads could point you in the right direction:

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If those topics were completely useless, don't blame me, blame my programmers...

Dec 25, 2017 - 10:30am

yeah duke is obviously strong, no idea how easy/difficult it is to transfer there though. either penn or wharton, wharton will be tougher to transfer into.

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Dec 25, 2017 - 2:27pm

To be honest kids at indiana really couldn't give a shit for the most part, and I applied to kelley after the scholarship deadlines so I didn't get academic scholarships which seem to be a large part of why kids come here. Most of my friends who are doing significantly worse/don't seem to care are on 12k+ merit scholarships, and the access to new scholarships once you're at kelley is fairly limited if you're a white male. The school also has no handle on the greek system, and I've talked to several upperclassmen who regret joining a frat because they feel like it hurt their GPAs to the point that it significantly affected recruiting(I have fairly smart friends at IU who just went through pledging and even with a lot of focus they are ending the semester with 3.0s and some lower). If I stay I'll definitely join a business frat, they're very popular at kelley and seem to add lots of value. I came into Kelley with the idea that if I worked enough I could reasonably get into the Investment Banking Workshop (IBW) but the more I network with upperclassmen and current members of the IBW the more and more I think its a crapshoot for even highly qualified applicants. They reject a fairly large number of 3.8+ kids with all the right ECs and decent social skills. It seems that the vast majority of the smart(3.6+), career focused kids at Kelley apply to the IBW of the investment management workshop so the pool is very large (each kelley class is 2,000+ with over half being finance majors). They also have kids with 3.5s in the IBW, so it'd be foolish to think my gpa will get me in. The proposition of staying at a school I don't love with no merit scholarships and no IBW isn't particularly attractive. Not sure how familiar you are with IU but its reputation as a party school is entirely based on the 21+ social life (Bloomington is incredibly strict on fakes, but the bar scene seems like a lot of fun) and the greek system, so if you fall out of those two categories the social life is pretty dead, particularly for guys. The size of indiana (40,000K+) is problematic in a number of ways, and wasn't something I wanted out of a college. Michigan Ross is great but if I'm transferring I'd prefer it to be a significantly smaller school, not larger. From a practical point of view I have a couple of friends who are freshmen at Ross, and apparently due to the current freshmen being the first class where ross accepted the majority of the students as high school seniors they significantly underestimated their yield so they are heavily overenrolled. They also give priority to internal transfers so the combination of these two factors will make it difficult as an external transfer. After talking to a couple of people in the finance industry recently I'm beginning to think it would be foolish to not even visit one of my friends at Michigan to see if I like it.

Dec 25, 2017 - 3:31pm

Well that's definitely enlightening. The IBW is definitately a semi-target, but I didn't know it's such a crapshoot to get into, even with strong credentials. Given your preferences I would recommend Northwestern, UChicago, Dartmouth, Brown, UPenn, Columbia, Gtown, and Emory.

Dec 25, 2017 - 5:39pm

You have some solid stats, pair it with killer essays and hopefully an internship and you'll be set. This would be my list if was you:
-NYU (Stern)
-Princeton(just re-started accepting transfers this year and may be easier to get into before the news spreads)
-UPenn Wharton
-Boston College

Don't bother with safety schools as a safety will be equal or lesser than Kelley. Also, Kelley is as good or better than UNC and BU if you get into the IBW or IMW

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