Looking to enter into Wall Street NYC; Looking for academic path advice!

Hey guys,

So I am junior at NYU. I enjoy real estate development and I also enjoy (mainly) asset management mostly with hedge funds and private equity. I want to get into asset management first on Wallstreet. This is my goal. 

I was rejected ED to Wharton. I applied ED2 to College of Arts and Science at NYU. For two years, I was a NYU Economics Major at CAS(took quite a bit of Econ courses). Now on this third year, I switched over to Schacks Undergraduate Real Estate Program in NYU SPS. I am taking 3 minors with this RE major (business from Stern, Economics Policy Concentration from CAS, and Finance from Tandon). 

If I continue with the RE major and finance minors, will I still be able to place into Wall Street? Or is simply staying in CAS Economics (literally didn't learn any applicable concept) a better bet for Wall Street?


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Sep 8, 2021 - 7:18pm

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