Looking to get into consulting.

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I am a rising second year at a target state school looking to get into consulting. I joined some competitive finance clubs and I got great exposure as a first year, getting to work on projects with various companies. This summer, I am doing an unpaid internship for a boutique real estate based Private Equity Firm as well as lifeguarding at my local pool. I unfortunately had a rough go with classes and currently have a GPA around 3.0. I know that I need to increase this GPA to have a shot at top level consulting firms, but in addition to that, what should I do to give myself a good shot at landing MBB or tier 2 consulting? I am currently looking for internships for summer 2020 related to consulting. Also, I am applying to my school's business program next semester. Since my GPA is low and I might not get in even if I pull a 4.0 this semester, my backup plan is to double major in Statistics and Economics with a concentration in finance in both.

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Aug 7, 2019