Looking to start a Career in Equity Research (Buy-Side prefer)

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Hey everyone, I am a first timer here so go easy on me.

I currently work at an IVY league as a financial analyst in a small department, which is COMPLETELY different from investment banking and everything I am trying to break into. I manage a 10 million dollar operating budget, but it's nothing complex and living in this IVY university bubble, money coming is never a concern. I have been here just over 6 years (31 years old), but don't feel challenged enough at all, and to be frank, don't enjoy the work. I have a passion for scouring the stock market, early morning and night, making educated assumptions and researching equity markets to not only increase my personal wealth and those around me, but because it's just something enjoyable. I love analyzing numbers and finding indicators that can match my predictions on where a stock might end up. I tend to be right, but want to prove it to a firm. I don't have some long track record of beating the S&P every year unfortunately... Not sure if that's something employers look for.

I'm not an IVY leaguer myself, I hold no high or advanced degree other than a BS in business information systems analysis, minoring in applied mathematics. I don't even consider what I did in college relevant anymore to be honest and probably would reject any potential employer treating me like I am just out of school. I am not. I have been in a professional setting for a while now. That being said though, Analytics come easy to me.. I was a 99%th percentile for quantitative analysis in my high school entrance exams, did well on my math SAT (650+ I believe). College math and finance came easy.

I would love nothing more if someone can at least point me in the right direction. I live in CT, willing to travel or relocate if necessary. Any preferred career paths to look into, banks or hedge funds what would hire someone looking to just scratch the surface?

Junior equity analyst, equity associate, high paying internships etc.

Anything helps. I'm sure I can explain a lot more if people have specific questions to throw at me.


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Mar 7, 2019

Equity Research isn't incredibly hard to break into if you have passion. Reach out to people you have any connection with. There isn't a better time to break into a HF, given the current volatility. Best of luck and PM me if you have any questions.

Mar 12, 2019