Lost chimp needs guidance

Alright, long time occasional lurker here but it's time to step out of the shadows.

I have no idea on what is the best path to secure a good master degree.

I'm an international kid: Born in france, lived around europe (UK, The Netherland, Sweden and Luxemburg), then flew across the atlantic ocean to study some economics in a top school in Canada for a 4 year BA .
i was gonna write a paragraph about my background but then i figured a quick timeline would be more time efficient for everyone.

Summer 1st year - VC internship in france (3 months)
Summer 2nd year - Other VC internship in France (3 months)
Summer 3rd year - "humanitarian" travel in Nepal (call BS on this, i had great fun) and attended tech meetups in NYC, stockholm, mtl and paris.
Winter 4th year (Now) : finished my degree 1 semester early so i'm interning for 6 months in a top european asset manager in equities index funds/ETFs.
I'm currently studying for the GMAT.
I'm enrolled Deep learning Nanodegree on Udacity (because it's interesting and it allows me to leverage some quant skills).

However, after this my 3rd year summer, i kinda got sick of the whole VC world after dedicating most of my school and free time to personal research/curiosity in the field.
This and my lack of focus/interest in entry level academic resulted me to get a splendid 2.3/4 CGPA ...
On a side note, i had a shit ton of fun in my advanced classes and i went from a 2.0x to a 3.2 GPA on my last semester by doing fairly decent in graduate level game theory, behavioral economics and management classes.
Fun fact: nobody ever asked me my GPA to land thoses jobs.

As mentionned earlier i'm now interning for an asset manager and I wish to continue the "interesting" part of academics by join a good European Finance Master (preferably in fiancial markets as they are fasinating).

However, i don't know if now is a good time to apply, or if i should wait a year or two before getting a bit more experience...

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Jan 31, 2018