Lots of insight into small/start-up biotech companies

Hi everyone.

I work in at a firm that organizes conferences for start-up biotech companies. Basically, these are companies that are developing new drugs that are in FDA clinical trials. These conferences bring in experts (doctors, researchers), to talk about the drug, about ongoing trial design etc. All this is strictly confidential information. We are not allowed recording, and do not give out the powerpoints to participants. However, I have access to all powerpoints, results, etc.

I attend these conferences, and am responsible for helping to set them up, call in experts, etc. I also take notes.

From this I have gained tremendous insight into the pharma industry. I have learnt a lot about how doctors think, about which drugs will make it etc.

I wonder if I can maybe use my expertise and insight to perhaps gain a footing in the financial industry. I'm not talking about insider trading or anything. But I wonder if I can put my experience and analytical skills to better use? I'd like to maybe work as a part-time advisor to a financial firm.

Again, no insider trading or anything. But I think I can analyze companies really well now becasuse I have been to so many conferences and have interacted with so many experts.

I have read about those expert consultancies, do any of you have info on them? My job is very secretarial. Thank you.