Low GPA, crazy explanation, worst COVID situation

Hello everyone,

I´m a recent graduate (BBA) from a TOP3 business school from Spain looking to get into investment banking, but I have a very low GPA (6/10)...So here´s the reason:

For the past 5 years I have been running some of the most exclusive nightclubs and music-related events in Madrid, at the time, I didn´t care much about my performance in university since I was passing fine (I barely had time to study), and I was going to have a degree from a top school in case something went wrong in my business in the future, besides, I was making a lot of money...Well, the setback came quicker than I expected, coronavirus has demolished nightlife, and now at least in the close future I can no longer keep running my business and I want to land a job in IB or something related to finance. Overall if it wasn't for the GPA I have an OK resume for a recent graduate:

-Bilingual Spanish and English

-Abroad experience in the US

-Good finance-related internship

-Investment club at university


But from what I have been reading on the internet, a bad GPA crushes your options to land a job in this sector, I´ll be taking my CFA Level I exam soon, but from what I know, it is useful for PE and Hedge Funds but not so much for IB...

So...What are my options for overcoming such a poor GPA?

I know many of you are going to say an MSc in Finance, but after CFA Level I, spending $50k just to show a good GPA on my resume seems too much (since I probably won´t learn a lot of new things after a BA from a top business school and CFA...).

Is CFA L1 enough for an entry-level job? Another language? 

Thank you.

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Nov 9, 2020 - 9:39am

I haven´t rejected that option yet. I´m not saying $50K is much (which it usually is for a 23-year-old). I´m saying I will probably not gain any additional knowledge given my finance background, and it will mean $50K just for a good GPA on my resume, I don´t know if it's worth it.

Nov 9, 2020 - 9:48am

I am sorry, it doesnt matter your university with that GPA you will not pass the first screening.

Maybe if you studied at ICADE things could be different for some boutiques, but you stand no chance from other Spanish unis (at least in London, no clue in regional offices) --> If you land any of these boutiques you could lateral later on, but it may be hard without working experience in the finance field

Choosing to study CFA Lvl1 has been your decision, you could directly go for the Msc which will positionate well if you attend a target, regarding to the learning curve, I am afraid that if you didnt achieve better results it may be a sign of poor education, so you may learn much more than what you anticipate

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