L/S funds: Alpha long/short vs pair trade pitches

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Wanted to get an idea from those who have gone through the process of applying to L/S funds. My background is in PE and thought the best fit (most transferable skills) is to apply to funds that take longer term investment holding period & fundamental analysis approach (similar to tiger cub style). I am planning to apply to TMT roles (mostly growth funds I guess).

When you were interviewing, did you prepare alpha long & alpha short or did you prepare more sophisticated pitches like pair trade etc? If you prepare the latter as well, is it recommended to prepare such pitches to impress the interviewers or just avoid it completely so as not to over complicate the interview? I have limited experience in interviewing with HF and various strategies eg pair trade so wanted to get your insights on the best way to approach this.

Thank you all in advance!! :)

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Apr 5, 2018