LSE masters program besides finance or economics - same recruiting for IB?

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For anyone that's been to LSE - do master programs like international relations, political science, economic history etc (besides the typical LSE masters in econ or finance) have the same access to IB recruitment? And how are these other programs viewed by IB recruiters?

Currently I am at a target US school double major in math and political science. my math major is pretty low and in order for me to even have a shot at LSE I would probably have to concentrate in something close to my other major, political science (major gpa is 3.9).... I already have ibanking internships but recruitment is lean right now, don't want to settle doing something/somewhere I don't want to be, and London sounds like an awesome experience. However, I'm worried if getting a masters at LSE in another field (besides econ or finance) will hurt me when it comes to recruiting.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Oct 14, 2010

we need a list of legit masters programs that are possible to go into ib/er/s&t from....

  • Louis
  •  Oct 3, 2012

hey i have exactly the same question.

I am planning to do the Msc International Political Economy at LSE.
What are the chances to work later on in the private sector, in particular the banking sector?

Thank you very much,

Ps: My BA was rather qualitiative than quantitive...

Oct 3, 2012

Interested as well

Oct 3, 2012