LSE-Msc Finance after Brexit and career path advice

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So, a little of my background.
I'm an Italian student from a non target/semi target (I really don't know, i guess the only target school here is Bocconi), and I'm going to start the second year of a Bsc in Economics and Finance in September. I currently have a 4.0 gpa, I am member of a finance club and I'm gonna join a consulting club that works with real firms in October. I volunteer in a Human Rights association too. My problem is that Italy has not a summer internship culture, so it's basically a 4-6 months full time or nothing, which I think would be quite difficult to reconcile with the HUGE amount of theoretical notions we have to learn here. And I don't want my grades fucked up. Do you think that it would make sense to apply for summers abroad, given the fact that I'll study most of the technicals during the course of the next year (accounting, financial analysis etc etc) ? Right now I wouldn't be able to face a technical interview. This leads to my big problem, which is that I don't know if I'll intern during my bachelor (it is quite common in Italy) (I'll probably be on exchange during the 3rd year). That said, my plan is to switch to a target for the msc in order to make the big jump and I'm quite undecided on where to apply. My aim is LSE, but brexit is really questioning my choice. Is it worth spending 30-40k PS on LSE or any other Uk based top schools, given the uncertainty of the London's financial sector after brexit? Or Would it be a better option to apply to some European schools that have mandatory internships, unlike LSE (St gallen, HEC, Bocconi and so on)?

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Aug 26, 2019

Ciao! The main focus now is nailing your BSc. There is a grade disparity for masters when looking at where applicants come from and Italian students nearly always need 108+ for top schools like LSE. I don't think an SA role between your 2nd and 3rd year will give you a massive advantage. Perhaps do it the summer you graduate before starting the MSc. As for Brexit, it won't change much - let me explain. From a work standpoint, there is a risk you'll have a few more administrative hurdles to jump through if you want to work in London, otherwise don't worry. LSE will still be a great name throughout the world regardless of how messy Brexit is so I would apply anyway.

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Aug 26, 2019

And what about breaking into banking? I read someone saying that Lse is better if you have previous work experience. If I'm not able to secure an internship in the next 2 years, will LSE (or any other 1year Msc) still be that great of a deal?

Aug 26, 2019

For the MFin yes, it helps to have some previous experience but this usually means FT experience. This isn't always the case and if you can prove you have what it takes in other ways (great grades, solid GMAT, a lot of active finance and non-finance extracurriculars, are well travelled and speak languages) you can make it. But even if LSE is your only option, the MFin isn't the only way to IB in London (or elsewhere for that matter). You can do other finance courses or even a MiM and land an IB role. Yes, it'll be a big harder but it can be done. Universities like UCL and Imperial have good reputations outside of the UK so look into those too. Same for LBS, but LBS really does require work experience

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Aug 26, 2019

Which other non-uk taught Msc would you recommend in order to Break into London IB?

Aug 26, 2019

The classics are HEC and Bocconi. Then schools like St. Gallen (Switzerland), RSM (Rotterdam), SSE (Stockholm) and CBS (Copenhagen) don't do badly either. I know some people that work in London and have come from UCD Smurfit (Dublin), LUISS (Rome). You can check by looking on LinkedIn where people working at your target banks have studies before and see if and how that's changed over the years.

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Aug 26, 2019

Okay, thanks for your time

Aug 27, 2019

HEC Paris, Bocconi, INSEAD (MiM), others won't probably maximise your chances

The wife and I doing a workshop, I work and she shops

Aug 26, 2019

LBS MFA and HEC MIF don't require relevant Finance work experience/internships. Met tons of admitted students who didn't have any in the past 3 years.

Both require a killer GMAT though; and excellent.serviceable execution on the overall application process

Aug 29, 2019