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Hello Everyone,

I would like to work in investment banking or trading and am having trouble in deciding between masters programs: LSE for MSc Risk and Finance and IMPERIAL for MSc in Finance. I am wondering which one would help me best in landing a trading analyst or investment banking job. LSE is more well-known than Imperial but i think a msc in finance would help me more than a msc in risk and finance.

What are your thoughts?

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Apr 30, 2017

Depends on what you want to do. If you you want to work in IB in the UK i would go Imperial Finance.

Risk and Finance sounds is probably better if you want quant work. They are usually similar to Financial Engineering degrees. Imperial has a great brand in the UK, probably same as LSE. However, internationally LSE is the better brand.

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May 1, 2017

I am leaning more towards the trading side, as I see myself in the future working more as a trader and in portfolio management. Hedge funds are looking more attractive. Which program do you think would be better to land a trading job at a hedge fund? and if you could please explain why.

Apr 30, 2017

I am not very familiar with the specific courses, so I can't give advice on those. Research how well regarded the courses are. Also depends on what type of Hedge fund you're aiming to end up in. For a more classic fund i recon the finance degree is better suited, unless you want a risk manager position. If it's a quant focused fund, I would look more into the risk degree.

This is based on what you learn though. Sadly, this is not what you should focus on for landing a gig. The most prestigious course is nearly always the best, and you can probably pick quant focused electives in the finance degree. Imperial is more of a engineering school if I'm not mistaken, so LSE could have better alumni/network. Another point though is that the prestige of the LSE courses vary a lot, you can get into like finance and accounting with a trash gpa, but only people in the business know the differences... Again, research which degree is more well renowned.

Jan 11, 2019