LSE vs LBS to USA & China

Hey Forum,

i need some quick infos/ideas about my thoughts. it might be too vague, but here i come>
-got into LSE MSc Management, but trying to switch to a 1 yr program Management and Organization..
-would have wanted to get into my dream school Columbia MSc Marketing.. didnt work out.

now i am thinking of deferring, or getting into a 1 yr program, as i am planning to go to Renmin Uni in CHina for a year.

my main goal is to go to the US - for MBA or Phd.. would like to end up in New York

would LBS be better for consulting/marketing related jobs with China focus?
or any US school for that? there are mostly MBAs there, and I have only 1 yr internship experience
would LSE in my case (as I want to end up in the US, coming from EU) be a detour in a sense?

Thanks for any ideas

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Jun 10, 2010 - 11:57am

I understand your thinking. I'm sure you will enjoy your studying at Renmin University. My friend did his BA and MSc in accounting there. He enjoyed that very much. He is actually thinking of studying MBA now. I suggested him He also registered on made a lot of friends there and communicated with a lot of MBA and career topics there. I'm sure you will hear more from businessbecause networking website.

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