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I've been networking at the top of the hierarchy recently (MD, Principals, Chairman, Division Heads etc - I think people at the top have more time for this kind of shit since they're not grinding away on powerpoints until 2AM) and working my way around through people I already know and referrals.

Recently, I was talking to someone at a MM firm who gave me the details of some BB MDs and said "follow-up with these guys". I followed up with an email and dropped the original guy's name in the email. It's been over a week now and still no response.

Obviously, I want to get as much info as possible from people high in the food chain, even if I don't know them.

What should I do? Follow up again? Give it some more time? Take a hint? Something else?

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Jul 19, 2017 - 9:12am

Don't go higher than an MD unless it's a family connection. Those people are so far removed from the process and don't have time to waste on a phone call with a college kid. VPs are the sweet spot, those pricks love the chance to talk about themselves.

26 Broadway where's your sense of humor?
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Jul 19, 2017 - 12:05pm

Hmmm, so I have a call with someone above MD soon, and was hoping for a referral (or semi-referral) to the grad program (best case scenario), or details of an MD/VP/Recruiting Partner (worst case)

Jul 19, 2017 - 12:45pm

That's what will most likely happen, you'll be passed down to an MD or VP if the higher up likes you. If you get on the phone with an MD, keep it high level: I have a solid function of the accounting so I get up to speed faster than others, I thoroughly check my hw before I hand it to make sure it's error free, and I pick up new concepts fast MD's don't want to hear about your excel skills. VP is more granular and about the actual job, hear excel skills and any case studies you've done are part of the discussion.

26 Broadway where's your sense of humor?
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