Lurker goes public - with a drawing for free US family office lists!

Hello WSO Chimps, Apes, Gorillas and all in between!

Longtime lurker here, just now going active after several years toiling away in a boutique in Switzerland.

I thought I would start with a solid contribution to the community - so for anyone who's interested, our company The Family Offices DB is running a giveaway, and there will be a random drawing where 5 lucky people will win a free US Family Offices database. The excel-based list (perfect for sorting, merging, segmenting, you name it) holds over 1,400 contact details of US family offices & wealth management companies, and is a ready-made solution to your deal prospecting process. I would post the link but mods won't allow new users to post links yet. PM me for the link!

Best of luck to all the Orangutans out there and thanks for your warm welcome.