M&A at regional Big 4 office/ TS at Big 4 London/ M&A at Big 6 - any advice please

Hi All,

Hoping for some advice as I don't have many people to go with expertise on this matter so i'm hoping you can help me please!

I'm an undergrad, have an internship in levfin (london) previously but i'm ideally hoping to go into mm m&a advisory eventually. 

Which route may be best to achieve this:

1) Transaction Services at a Big 4 london office- assuming this means you work on bigger deals that a regional office placement? although i think it might be a bit dry and according to some friends you do a lot of BD work and can be seconded to audit...

2) M&A at Big 4 regional office (eg Bristol, Manchester) - ^^ smaller deal size? given bigger/corp deals tend to be more complex i'm not sure how transferable my skills/understanding of the m&a process would be after a couple of years

3) M&A at a Big 6- again not sure of deal flow/deal size and im worried a less prestigious name may impact my exit opportunities

as you can probably tell i'm very confused and not sure what the best route would be, anyone have any advice? Appreciate it!

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Sep 16, 2021 - 9:21am

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