M&A/Career Advice for somebody who is ADHD/Generally Ineffective

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I'm in my final year at Uni, got diagnosed with ADHD but never actually took the meds as my condition isn't hugely severe/generally I do just fine - think this isn't the case in a work environment...

Interned at a top EB last year, didn't convert because "attention to detail" and "time management" was poor. Socially everybody liked me (especially the VPs/MDs as I was the only intern who would actually have a chat with them) and my technicals were decent, I just wasn't particularly good at the Intern/Analyst roles.

I've landed a decent tier 2 consulting job (ATK/RB/OW/LEK etc) and another internship in Sales this time at a BB, but I can't help but feel I'll be equally useless here? I interview very well but that doesn't help once I'm on the job.

I've got through my life winging most things with some decent charm, arriving late but being humorous and well-liked so getting away with it. I always interview well, but when it comes down to working I'm pretty damn average. Is anybody else like this? I had a banker genuinely say to me that I'd make a decent Director (lol) but just aren't enough of a grinder for the Analyst role.

Anyone else get this feedback/manage to grind out the analyst years regardless?

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Nov 24, 2019