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Feb 10, 2014

They do a lot of private equity-like growth capital deals (although typically not controlling stake/LBO deals), plus a lot of pref equity/hybrid debt deals that come out of Macquarie Capital's DCM business which does a lot of LBO.

The team is good quality, although they've had some negative experiences recently (eg Advantage Rent-a-Car).

You should get good modelling experience there.

I'd take PTG over Macquarie Capital's Infrastructure team. It's much easier to move from PTG to another group within the organisation rather than the other way around, largely as PTG is perceived to develop stronger technical skills. I understand the PTG works with MacCap's industry groups, so you can still get infrastructure exposure from within the PTG team, along with a broad experience across a lot of other sectors (which will improve exit ops).

Feb 10, 2014