Macquarie vs Moelis summer intern (UK)

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Hey guys I've got summer intern offer's from Macquarie Capital and Moelis, both in London. Moelis would send me to NY office for 1 week training program.

Any thoughts on the decision making? Moelis UK seems to have set up their office 4 months ago or so, the MD that interviewed me had started work there the way before the interview lol

I know Moelis is renowned in the states, but thoughts on uk ?

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Feb 10, 2010

I'd go for Moelis

Feb 10, 2010

this board is obsessed with Moelis...however their recent closed deals (or lack thereof) is alarming. i would go with macquarie, esp. since the recently opened UK office for Moelis might take some time to get going.

Feb 10, 2010

Neither of your choices are brilliant as MacQ and Moelis are non-entities in M&A in the UK. In your shoes I'd go with whether you'd prefer a boutique or a bank environment.

Just my 2c.

Mar 26, 2010

what did u end up choosing

Mar 26, 2010