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I have recently (less than a 1 year) started at a global macro fund (not an investment role) and I would like to transition to a role where I could have the potential to act in an idea generation capacity. I have read advice on how to break into a fund in the first place but what if you're already in and want to make that transition internally?

I have 2-5 years of experience and decent background in portfolio construction and technicals, risk calculations, attributions, contributions, you name it... I enjoy doing research on investment strategies and sitting in in the investment meetings, but I am not really sure how to do investment research in a systematic way and what specific skillset is needed for a research associate or investment analyst role?

I know that there is another colleague in my team who has been with there for 5+ years and have been trying to transition internally (we work very close with the investment team) but he claims that he had never even been considered for any investments openings (he has at least the same (or better) experience than me).

That being said, I hear about the layoffs across the HF industry (AQR, Blackrock, Citadel...) after a bad 4Q and going into recession and I am wondering if this is even good time to think about switching? My team seems pretty secure across the market turbulations, whereas investment related stuff might get cut. Any advice?

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Jan 12, 2019