Major developers/Equity players in Multifamily out in LOs Angeles

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Looking to move out to LA and was wondering who the major players are out there on the multi-family acquisitions/development front out there. Thanks

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Jan 13, 2020

In terms of the big guys who invest in the intitutional quality assets on LA's Westside, a couple names that stick out are Greystar, CIM, Alliance, and LPC.

There are some more botique-y shops that crush as well, with Wiseman being one example and NMS being another. One caveat about NMS, though, is that they are remodeling several of their best market rate assets to redeploy them as micro unit buildings. Not a huge believer in how they're going about that.

Less familiar with DTLA but lots of development going up there too. Seems like Greystar is pretty active in that portion of LA as well.

Edit: Forgot to mention the Irvine Company - the pay is low and the hours are long there, but they are the BSD in the Orange County area.

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Jan 14, 2020

I would add Carmel Partners, the REIT players (EQR/Camden/etc), Cityview, Cypress Equity Investments to the list as well. NMS has a terrible rep for shady/dishonest business practices, fyi.

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Jan 14, 2020

Interesting, thanks for correcting me on NMS. Haven't had the pleasure/misfortune of working with them, mostly just see their projects everywhere whenever I'm in LA/on the Westside.

Jan 14, 2020