I will be starting 3rd year in September 2017 at one of the targets (think H/Y/P/S) and planning to complete a major in the maths (such as Stats or Applied Maths). I'm not sure whether to gun for a quant/trading finance internship on my own (think Jane Street, maybe S&T roles, etc.) or just gun for a IB SA position through OCR. I'm pretty new to the whole wall street thing and a lot of us maths majors get pushed into finance because it is the highest paying career path for us pple. IB seems to be a lot of grunt work and a waste of my math degree...meanwhile quant finance seems more intellectually challenging but less maths majors end up here and exit opps are pretty dead. Which offers a high paying career in the long run and any advice on which to choose?

Many thanks! PS: Plz don't give me slack because I'm pretty new here