Making a Decision-- UCSD vs Brandeis vs UIUC --MSF programs

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Hi guys, I wish to hear some advice from you to help me decide which MSF program I should go this year.
UCSD vs Brandeis vs UIUC MSF
I am an international student and I hope to stay in the states for the next 5-10 years before I figure out my life goal. As far as I am concerned, both UCSD and Brandeis has STEM designation, which means a bigger chance (STEM offers 3 years of time to get H1B sponsor instead of 1 year) of getting a work Visa after graduation. However, they both are quite new and placement stats are extremely limited (especially stats on Int. students). I also understand that UIUC has one of the oldest (maybe also reputable) MSF program and it is somewhat close to Chicago, BUT it has no STEM.

In order to increase my odds to stay in the states, I put UIUC aside.
So between UCSD and Brandeis, what suggestions would you give? Plus, is it reasonable to you that I deny UIUC just because it has no STEM?

At this stage, being able to stay in the states (with whatever job or in whatever industry) is more important than getting an awesome job in the finance industry after graduation. BUT, if the chances are pretty close, I'd choose finance industry, especially consulting/corporate finance.

**With the note that my main purpose is to stay, which school would you recommend? Thanks a ton! **

PS: I first asked for TNA's (very informed user) help, but I also know that you guys are very informed too, please help! :)

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May 30, 2017