Making the most of an MSF

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Hello everyone -

I will be attending a corp. fin. MSF this coming year and was hoping to get input from students who have attended these programs in the U.S. about their experiences. As a little background, I am a white guy from an SEC state school without any previous IB experience, though I do have 1 decent HF internship.

What should I do to make the most out of my short time (I know networking/interview practice is crucial) - but is developing relationships with professors, clubs even useful?

Should I try for a boutique internship during my fall semester or will that be too hard with classes/networking?

What did you see worked for students looking to go to IB/vs. what failed?

Is spending time on networking at BBs somewhat of a waste given my position (or should I focus non-NYC offices?)

I have had previous super days for IB, one with a regional MM for FT and another with a larger bank for SA, though I didn't shine enough in the FT one and was a complete noob for the SA....will they view me poorly for 'trying again'?

I really appreciate any input!