Management Consulting in Emerging Economies

Not from a target school; dad went to the ivies. Instead I went East, first to India for ten years and am now in Myanmar. Went to school for design and for 25 years, I've ended up in several strategic international marketing positions turning companies around since I seem to have a knack finding the gold in shitty little startups. My first one was sold to Nokia for 54MM in 1999 and I never looked back. Question. Myanmar has completely open markets, but the politics is a significant downside. Most of the startups are run by idiots who don't know their way around a P&L statement. It's embarrassing to have them meet potential investors. Should I give it up and concentrate on finding work in Singapore?

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Sep 3, 2018

I think so. Tackling this alone sounds like a lot of work so unless you can find work for a big firm in Myanmar (such as MBB or Big 4) I would pivot to a larger market such as Singapore. You could also try going back to India since you have knowledge of the local area and many companies have strong MC bases there.

Sep 15, 2018