Margin Call II

Mortgage-backed securities and the great spin-off products that go with it brought us the cinematic adventure that is Margin Call.

Now that the dust has settled and we're back to (the new) normal, what will be the the name/ plot/ storyline/ catalyst for Margin Call II?

My money is on George Lucas directing the sequel(s), maybe something like this:

Margin Call Episode IV - A New CDO
Margin Call Episode V - The Bern Strikes Back
Margin Call Episode VI - Return of the Glass-Steagall

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May 30, 2017 - 2:41pm

I just graduated a non-target state school that probably costs $180k with all incidental costs factored in. I majored in Finance and got a job at a big 4 doing advisory (trying to get into IB/ER). I have some loans, but nothing that i can't manage. All in, I'll come home with about 78k this year. I know people graduating with bullshit majors who don't have jobs and have over $100k in loans. I know the market for student loan ABS's isn't big as of yet, but i wouldn't be surprised if that came crashing down because our stupid government picks up the tab on them. With demand increasing exponentially and default becoming more prevalent, theres a chance that SLABS could fuck us over. Probably not right but If it happens, you'll hear it here first:

Margin Call II: The student loan fiasco

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