Marucs & Millichap a step below CBRE/JLL/C&W?

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Scrolling through articles on here, I always notice that companies like Marcus & Millichap, SVN, Savills Studley are always considered a tier below the CBRE/JLL/C&W. How would you guys who have maybe had experience working in some of these shops say they line up and compare? When I think of big CRE brokerage shops, i have about 6-7 that come to mind but when referring to big shops, typically all I hear about is CBRE/JLL/C&W. As someone who just graduated and has a few different offers/options to choose from with CRE brokerage shops now, would you say that it is essential to try and get a position with JLL/CBRE/C&W or would you say that it would be just as good starting out at a shop like Marcus Millichap/SVN/Savills that is still a big firm but maybe not as big as a CB. Would love to hear you guys thoughts. Thanks.