Master in Europe and Job in UK - Post Brexit

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Let's say you do your master or MBA in for example Bocconi or HEC (an EU school), assuming all the other factors remain unchanged, after Brextit:

1) Would you still have the same chances of securing a job in UK?
2) How does Brexit affect your chances of getting an interview (considering Visa complications) and a summer internship?
3) Do you think a non-UK master is still worth it or a master in a second tier UK school would be better if you definitely want to work in London?

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Nov 27, 2018

it's still unclear what the visa rules will be post-Brexit so frankly no one knows. As of now, it really depends if you are a EU citizen or not. Frankly, Brexit hasn't really affected business significantly so I don't think it's an issue if you are an EU citizen. If you aren't, you need to study in the UK otherwise the visa sponsoring process is extremely complicated and few firms bother which really limit your options.

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Nov 30, 2018
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