Master of Finance or CFA?

Hi all. I'm a rising senior at a super non-target (250ish rank lol) with a 3.7 GPA. I've done a couple internships at boutique PE shops and recently started an internship at a top 5 bank in their AM division. The internship is awesome so far -- tons of networking and shadowing opportunities. I've decided I really want to work in the sell side or buyside realm either in equity research or investment management respectively. 

I want to know how to best prepare myself for full-time recruiting next year. I have zero issues when it comes to networking and talking to people but I'm worried my pedigree immediately puts me at the bottom of the stack. My school is offering a CFA course and the pass rate is fairly respectable. Should I take a stab at getting a level 1 CFA? Another option I'm considering is pursuing a good masters program. I'll have to study super hard for the GMAT/GRE since I had an unconventional path into college and what not.

Any advice in general moving forward? Thanks a ton!

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