Master of Financial Engineering chances? (Ivy-league undergrad)

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Hello. I'd appreciate any comments on my chances of getting accepted to top MFE programs.

School: Ivy-league undergrad. I have BA in Economics and BSc in Computer Science.
Experience: In addition to military experience (air force), I've interned at three well-renowned firms in their respective industries. (IT, consulting, banking)

I currently have a full-time offer at a fixed-income derivatives trading desk in Asia but I've become more interested in quant. So I'm considering applying to MFE programs to land a job in the US (quant or trading).

Problem: undergrad GPA of 3.3 / 4.0 (dual-degree). do not have full-time work experience.

How much will this low GPA hurt?
How high should I score on GRE or GMAT?

Thank you in advance!

I'd appreciate any MFE program info, too.

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Aug 29, 2010

list math classes

you want at least a 790 in math portion of gre
gre is a joke btw sats are harder

Aug 29, 2010