Masters Course for entering the Hedge Fund industry

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Hi Guys,

I'm going to apply for my masters in the coming weeks and I needed your help on understanding some things about the Hedge Fund Industry.

I have gone through a lot of posts about entering the HF Industry, on WSO and completely understand that a masters course may not be a direct ticket to HF and also, that the HF industry has cut throat competition and the entry barriers can mostly be broken through extensive networking. However, I want to know which masters course would set me up in the long run for a career in the HF space.

  • Would it be more beneficial to do a Traditional MSc Finance or a Quant-Oriented MSc Finance for HF Jobs?
  • Which countries should I focus on for such a masters course? (US, UK or EUR)
  • Do the MSc Financial Economics courses provide a good entry point in HF firms?
  • Can you recommend the best MSc Finance Courses for entering the HF industry?

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Jan 29, 2019
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