Masters - is my profile competitive?

Hi guys,

I am currently prospecting to apply for MFin/ MFE programs in the U.S. Would really appreciate if it is possible for someone with similar experiences to comment on my background and chances of getting an offer.


GRE: haven't taken them yet, but hoping for at least 325

GPA: 2:1 in British system, evaluates to around 3.7/4 

(the thing about British grading system though, is that the raw scores are in the 60s compared to 80s and 90s for U.S. students)

Major: penultimate year Math and Stats at one of Oxbridge

Internship Experience:

  1. Trading at a top BB (one of GS and the Morgans) this upcoming summer

  2. Strategy consulting at one of the Big 4 

  3. Management consulting at a boutique (think LEK/IQVIA/RB)

I am a Chinese nationale. Would appreciate to get an idea of my chance applying to programs like MIT/ Princeton MFin, Stanford ICME, UChicage FMath, or Columbia MFE. I think my biggest concern is that the UK grading system might work agaist me due to the different raw-score system compared to the US, and US colleges might not have much experience with students from the UK. 

Really appreciate any help!

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