Masters Student w/ Weird Timeline - Do I Have a Chance?

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I completed my UG in computer science in June 2017. Started my MSF at a non-target in the Midwest in Sep 2017 and estimated graduation is December 2018. I currently have a 3.8 GPA, am active in clubs/case competitions, am interning at a tiny PE firm.

This summer, I'm interning in Denver in valuations. After that, I'll finish up my degree while applying to BB firms; however, this puts me in a weird spot for 2019 FT recruitment. I'm not an undergrad, so that seems to take me out of consideration for most summer analyst programs. I'm not an MBA and I don't have much work experience, so I don't think I can apply to associate programs.

- I hustled a lot and graduated early, so I'll complete my MSF at age 21
- I'm an Asian female who grew up in a tiny town in New Mexico (diversity points??)
- Lots of experience all over the place (maybe a downside?) - IT Support, Teaching Assistant, Marketing Intern, Business Development, 6 years of competitive debate, 2 years of competitive mock trial, 2 years of being a resident assistant in UG, University ambassador

To some degree, coming from a non-target school with a non-finance background makes me feel hopelessly locked out of the industry (at least on a BB level). Even with what feels like decent qualifications, our career advisors seem to steer students away from shooting for the best. I don't want to work at a boutique local bank. I'll be happy at a MM, but am willing to put in the effort to get into a BB.

I've already been cold calling and networking with 30+ alumni who work at GS/JPM/Citi/etc. Everyone at a BB from a non-target seem to be ex-interns who converted. Any advice on how to approach recruitment and how to strengthen my resume in the meantime? Are there any specific firms that I'll have a better shot at? Should I quit now and settle for a boutique because I'm behind in the game?

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May 2, 2018

Do the summer analyst programs explicitly state that you must be an undergrad student? If not, go ahead and apply.

Is your undergrad from a target?

May 2, 2018

Some of the programs do, and for others you can search for programs by your degree and the options are limited to undergrad and MBA+. Would it be a better idea to apply to summer analyst positions and hope for FT offer after or apply directly to FT?

Got my UG at the same school I'm getting my MS in (pretty high scholarships for returning alumni)

May 2, 2018
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