Math for MBA?

This is due to some comments I saw in a different thread.

Do you need to have taken a minimum math requirement in undergrad to have a chance at the top MBAs? I've looked at a few of the websites (Harvard, Stanford, Tuck, Columbia) and don't recall having come across this. But a number of people here seem to think you need to have done some calc to stand a chance. I did a bit of calc in college and AB Calc in high school but nothing of note. Isn't a strong GMAT score and work experience in something sort-of-numerical enough?

As reference: I have a bachelor's and a masters, both from targets, and work in S&T. But I have a view to do an MBA as a career change towards consulting or public finance type work.

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Jun 2, 2008 - 10:45pm

There is no official math requirement, although some programs do openly recommend that you have at least taken an undergrad level calculus class. Where a "lack of quant" becomes an issue is if you don't have any quant in college AND your GMAT quant score isn't strong (i.e. above 80%).

In reality, you won't even need calculus in b-school. The "quant" is plug and play - they give you the formulas (they don't get you to derive them or write proofs), and you plug them into your excel spreadsheet or calculator.

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