MBA Associate at Top BB - What to expect with zero deal experience?

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Hi Monkeys,

Associate joining a top BB (GS / MS / JPM) this July. I summered there last summer in one of the top (industry coverage) groups at the firm and received an offer to return. I've heard in speaking to my staffer and other folks in the group that I was fairly well-respected and that people had very little negative to say about me - this made me happy, as you might expect.

THE PROBLEM: I worked on zero live deals last summer. Absolutely no live processes. I did work on one lev fin deal that was about to go to market and got a little modeling experience in there but for the most part, I have no idea how to run a process.

I love the people at my bank and in my group, but given the brand name, the standards are very high, and I won't have the luxury of having an associate and analyst telling me how not to shit the bed. I'm now about to get thrown into the weeds in about a month and a half and to be frank, I am terrified. Some of the folks in my summer class did a get a crack at running deals and I'm worried that without that under my belt, I run a serious risk of starting out as bottom bucket.

What advice can you give me about what to do and how to best prepare for FT, given that most of my summer was spent fixing the SA's cut on pitchbooks and doing higher level research stuff? Or at the very least, can you help put my mind at ease and quiet down my inner little bitch?