MBA at 35 - Career Options?

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Got into a top 5 MBA school recently. All my work-ex has been in the Energy sector in Houston as an engineer. Applied to b-school after realizing that even smart engineers don't make squat and can never get above maybe a 150K comp package. The problem is that by the time I graduate from b-school school, I will be 35. I was brainstorming about potential career options:

  1. consulting in a BB firm's petroleum practice.
  2. try to break into energy investment banking
  3. work for an energy major in a corporate strategy role
  4. try hard to enter into one of the boutique energy PE shops
  5. work at a business role in a green energy startup
  6. (..edit..) energy trading

Am I too old to get any benefit from a full-time MBA or being able to break into any of the above? Several people I spoke with recommended that I should consider a part-time from UT-Austin instead, which carries far less risk and opportunity cost.

What else in terms of a financially rewarding career path should I be looking at?