MBA at Rotman (University of Toronto)

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Hi Everyone,
Has everyone heard anything good or bad about Rotman's MBA, part-time program in particular?
I could only find older discussions.
The cost is close to $100k and it's very reputable in Canada but how is it known in the U.S.? Does anyone even know about it? Apparently it's top 10 in Finance.
I would like to hear what you would think if you met someone who would say they were from Rotman's MBA program. What would you first thought be?

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Jul 8, 2015

I have some insight. Rotman's PT program is a bit unique (I think) in that they have a morning and evening option.

Assuming you are interested in getting into IBD, it's a bit tricky because Toronto recruiting relies heavily on the summer internship which the PT's don't have access to. Having said that I know of two Rotman PT's in IBD, but I think they converted to FT towards the end so they could do the summer.

Rotman is decidedly non-target in the U.S. The problem with Rotman MBA's is that most of them self-select to be in Toronto (I think 90% of Rotman grads stay in the city... We used to joke that you couldn't get them to move down the street for RIM in Waterloo - which might be for the best in retrospect). First question you'd ask a smart Rotman MBA who is looking to go to the U.S. is "Why didn't you go to a U.S. school?"

Otherwise, I think Rotman is a great finance school. John Hull is a professor there. Literally wrote the book on options. Also has some other heavy hitter profs.

Jul 8, 2015

Thanks! I can't go to the U.S. school because I simply can't afford it. Part-time works better and it's close to my office:)
Is there a reason you might think of the Rotman graduates prefer to stay in Toronto? Honestly, I am trying to leave Toronto, but it's not that easy to find a job in other places. Hope, an MBA would help! Definitely don't want to stay in Toronto, hence the question - is it worth investing time & money in Rotman's MBA.

Nice to hear they are strong in Finance. That's what I am interested in.

Jul 8, 2015

Immigration. People (especially internationally) come to Toronto because of favourable Canadian immigration. I think the official stat is ~40% international students. Or Canadians who want to move to a bigger Canadian city. Network near the school etc.

Doing PT because it's close to your office (and cheaper) is probably the best reason. Are you planning on career switching though?

I can echo @imaseo's comment on the career center. The career center (while well meaning) is pretty terrible. If you want to get into finance, you should hang out with the Rotman Finance Association (RFA) for IBD / S&T etc. Rotman Asset Management Association (RAMA) for ER and AM/other buyside roles. Alumni finance network in Toronto is STRONG.

Disagree on the comment about the quality of the program, but I'm clearly biased.

Aug 4, 2015

Hi TorontoMonkey1328,
What about career switching? Is this an issue with Rotman?
I am definitely interested in a better position in a different (!) company but I am not sure if I want a complete career switch.

Aug 5, 2015

Not an issue with Rotman. Most people are career switchers (need the two years plus summer internship) vs. Ivey's one year program which is typically for people who want to fast track their MBA (have finance background, want MBA relatively quickly).

Jul 8, 2015