MBA: Boutique HF Internship to IB Full Time (USA)

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Hi All,

I'm a first-year MBA student at a top 15 USA University (international student). We have a good alumni presence on the Street for Banking and manage to send 15-20 students every summer to the investment banks. I tried recruiting for IB but couldn't convert the opportunity to an internship. So, I ended up accepting an internship offer from a startup L/S Hedge Fund.

My question is: Can I break into Investment Banking full-time by leveraging my HF internship experience? Or is it a non-shot?

My Background:
700+ GMAT
2yrs of emerging markets Investment Mgmt experience pre B-school
Passed all three levels of CFA
4 yrs of Technology industry experience

I know the right people to reach out to for full-time (the same people I spoke to for the summer internship), I'm just not sure if it's possible to break into IB without interning at a bank.


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Apr 17, 2019