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I've got an incredible dilemma, and would really appreciate some inputs on this.

I've had 2 years of experience in audit + 1 year in transaction services (financial due diligence) as a senior in a Big 4 in a second-tier Canadian city. I have my CPA title, and awaiting my CFA L3 results. I'm turning 27 in a few months. Likely going to get an early promotion to manager next year (skipping 1 year)

My goal is to apply for an M7 MBA in Sept 2019, and gun for an IB or PE associate position.

Now, I've had a recruiter reach out to me for a corporate development analyst position at a Canadian public company ($7B - $12B market cap). My question is, would it be better for my MBA application to have 1 year of corp dev experience or 1 additional year of transaction services experience?

Also, parallel question: is corp dev -> IB/PE a better move? Or is staying in TS and awaiting for an IB / PE opportunity better? I'm worried about becoming pigeonholed in a particular industry in corp dev, which would close doors to other opportunities. Trying to maximize my TS experience jump.

Thanks a ton!

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Jul 13, 2018